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Spheres Designs is a boutique fashion design shop located in Brooklyn, NY. We specialize in custom, bespoke clothing, vintage clothing, denim pieces from our Just Denim Collection, accessories, and more.

Spheres can also help you with fashion and beauty tips with our one-on-one consulting services.

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Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing

Custom Orders

Custom Orders

Just Denim

Just Denim

Fashion Tips

Fashion Tips

A Quote to Inspire

A Quote to Inspire

“HATE has 4 letters, so does LOVE
ENEMIES has 7 letters, so does FRIENDS
LYING has 5 letters, so does TRUTH
HURT has 4 letters, so does HEAL

Transform every negative energy into a positive. It’s your perception that makes the difference.”

  • Vintage

    Vintage wear for the modern woman.

  • Custom

    Bespoke clothing made to order.

  • Denim

    One of a kind pieces from our Just Denim line.

  • Tips

    Beauty and health tips from the Spheres Design blog.

Our Clients

  • Takhim

    (Blkagrafixxx Photography)

    “I’ve worked with Esther from Spheres Designs on many fashion shows and also done private photo shoots. Her work is outstanding. The garments are meticulously made and tailored to fit each model.“
  • Lisa

    (Registered Nurse)

    “As a nurse I’m required to wear uniforms at work yet I desired to feel fashion forward and stylish. Esther understood this and expertly designed my uniforms. This has contributed to the smiles my patients see everyday.“
  • Kezia

    (Trinidad & Tobago)

    “I felt hopeless when my seamstress migrated to the U.S. I haven’t found anyone who consistently pleased me the way she did. I’m happy about this online store and the fact I can preorder and have my clothing custom made by her once again.“
  • Rennell


    “I was privileged to play music for Esther when she hosted her first fashion show. As each model appeared on stage I was reminded how exceptionally talented and hard working she is. Spheres Design is a dream come true.“
  • Claire

    (Big Beautiful Bride)

    “Due to health issues and the stress of planning my wedding I gained a lot of weight in the months leading up to my big day. My maid of honor said she knew someone who can design to fit every body type. She took me to Esther at Spheres Designs and right away I knew I was in the right place. She gave me the confidence I needed to walk down the isle.“
  • Beth


    “I first heard of Esther when I saw my girlfriend wearing a beautiful tailored dress. I immediately inquired as to where she purchased this garment and was informed she had it custom designed. She gave me the information for Spheres Designs and Esther has been my designer ever since.“