Our Bodies Self Detox

Every day, and without our input, our bodies detox in the following ways: The Skin, the body’s largest organ, eliminates toxins through the pores by way of oil and sweat. Daily exercise help the body to do this.  The Respiratory System takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide and toxins that don’t belong in the blood stream. Exercise and deep breathing help in this process. The Lymphatic System is full of vessels that contain a fluid that travels through the body and wages war on substances that can be damaging and provides immunity to disease. Exercise, hydrotherapy (hot and cold showers) and massage all help this system to function. The Liver and Kidneys, The liver filters the blood and breaks down toxins, sending them to the bowels for removal. The kidney filter toxins out through the urine. Avoid known toxins such as alcohol, processed and high-fat foods.  The Digestive System, works optimally to remove toxins with fiber. When the fiber, which is indigestible, reaches the large colon, it absorbs waste and toxic matters, forms a bowel, and is passed in a bowel movement. Fruits, nuts, grains, vegetables and plenty of water keep this system working well Written by Donna Green Goodman November/December 2013 issue of The Message www.messagemagazine.com

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